Documenting nature in the Amazon through photographs and sketches

holding on

any ideas on what this insect is?

Garden, Jardim Paulista, Manaus

IT’S A BEE! It belongs to the tribe Ericrocidini.  It was suggested that it can be a specimen of Mesocheira bicolor. However, I am not sure of the species yet.  These bees are parasitic of other bees, they lay their eggs on the nest of other bees.  They wait near the entrance to the nest on the ground, and when they see the adults leave the nest, the female goes in and lays her eggs in there.

Garden, Jardim Paulista, Manaus

The males have this behavior of hanging on vegetation for the night, they release pheromones and usually other males come and they spend the night in groups protected by the vegetation.  I was told that the males come back to the same area to spend the night, so I will try to look for it or more around the garden tonight, I might have luck and find it again.

Garden, Jardim Paulista, Manaus

One response

  1. Edwin

    Por todos los carácteres que se le observan como antenas, patas, alas, es una abeja (Hymnenoptera).

    19/08/2011 at 4:09 pm

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