Documenting nature in the Amazon through photographs and sketches

About me

As if I were in a dream, I’ve come to live in Amazonas, specifically in the city of Manaus (which is a huge cement jungle) in the middle of the most amazing tropical forest.  I received my PhD in neotropical entomology, focussed on beetles.  I’ve been working with beetles for a while now, starting with a project in the Sonoran Desert, I moved to a project in the temperate forests near Montreal Quebec and lately finished working on my PhD in the tropical lowland forests of Panama.

With this blog I want to share some of the nature around me through photographs and sketches.  I will focus mostly on insects (as I’m an entomologist) but will include other organisms as well (as there are so many here!).  I will try to document the nature around where I am and will also use this as a means to learn more about it, hoping others will learn and appreciate it as well.

You might have noticed the name of the blog is in Spanish, and the website is in English, although I the blog will be mostly images there might be some writing in either language.  This is part of my personal background and I seem to be in a need to learn more languages (Portuguese and German at the moment) and French a little while ago in Quebec.


Alida Mercado Cárdenas

blueweevil, Alida Mercado Cárdenas

2 responses

  1. Nice blog. Espero que mostras muchos escarabajos.

    07/06/2011 at 9:45 pm

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