Documenting nature in the Amazon through photographs and sketches


Argiope sp.

Jardim Paulista, Manaus


I saw this spider outside, next to the chicken enclosure. I think it is from the genus Argiope.  After I saw several smaller ones on the fence.

dancing jumping spider

Garden, Jardim Paulista, Manaus

The courtship behavior of jumping spiders is amazing, the male dances and produces noises to impress the female. The male in this photograph is dancing in front of the female, he extends his legs, moves them quite rapidly, tiptoes to one side and the other.  These spiders are in the subfamily Lyssomaninae and are usually found on the underside of leaves, where they blend with the surroundings.

Garden, Jardim Paulista, Manaus

Garden, Jardim Paulista, Manaus

lunch time

Bosque da Ciencia, INPA, Manaus